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Friday, 11 November 2016

Tata GenX Nano Automatik

Tata GenX Nano Automatik – The next generation small car is one of the best compact hatchback available at low price in Sri Lanka. It’s technologically advanced features takes driving to the next level. This Nano automatic car features include fuel efficiency, electric power-assisted steering with speed sensitivity, huge luggage space and Music system with Bluetooth connectivity to make long drives more joyful. 

 Their advertisement says BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE AUTOMATIK and rightly so because best things in life are automatic . Just  as one does not  have to wait and click for the morning sun to bring its freshness and positivity onto the earth,it comes up automatically after a night. Similarly  neither does one have to push a button to bring   in  the evening  peace and tranquility  after a scorching day it follows automatically  Similarly the GenX Nano Automatik takes driving comfort to the next level with all of its technologically advanced  features  superior to other small cars in the segment The GenX Nano Automatik is a  smart  city car designed for the next generation .

Its features include convenience of driving because it is fully automatic which means you don't have to think about speed , the terrain and the required gear it just slides into the correct mode helping you slide through .

It boasts of a beautiful interior with comfort writ large , comfort in  seats , comfort in driving  methods , comfort in the luggage compartment ( very spacious perfect for family outings ) All in all it boasts of being the most comfortable small car available ----and of course coming from the House Of Tata's it not give any proof for quality the name TATA is synonymous with excellence in quality and reliability .

The colours are vibrant and absolutely GenX ,  pleasing to the eye as well as eye catching .

One look at the car tempts you to go and look at the interior and one look at the interiors has you hooked and a test drive has you fall for it head over heels .

It is the best compact  hatchback available to date .Its multiple design cues spell the word sporty as well as family car.

Monday, 26 September 2016

OZiva Protein & Herbs – For every Indian woman who puts her family first!

OZiva Protein & Herbs For every Indian woman who puts her family first!

Women all over the world and specially in India have the tendency to keep themselves and their needs behind the curtains always fulfilling the needs of their family first --and while doing this they tend to ignore and forget their own needs their own requirements and don't realize that in this way they are actually harming their family in the long run because neglect makes them ruin their health leading to neglect of family and they also become a burden on them for whom they have reached this stage --as a result a lot of sadness and self pity follow leading to general unrest , discords and social as well as family problems .

A recent survey showed that 70% of Indian women have protein deficiency which leads to fatigue which is culprit in ruining all relationships be it between mother and child , husband and wife or even  other romantic relationships and also that between the seniors in the family and you . All love and affection which a woman , a mother a beloved a wife a daughter- in- law has for her loved one's she fails to show and execute when she is tired or ill ; the will to do is sabotaged .

Moreover lack of proteins in diets also play havoc with our skin and hair and general good looks ---every woman is pretty its just her diet that makes her fat and ugly with a dead skin and lusterless hair and a weary look on her face .

This is where OZiva Protein and Herbs comes in to help

OZiva ---is a protein rich breakfast shake which gives 30 gms of protein per scoop when taken with milk . It is aided with Ayurved and has herbs like Tulsi, Shatavari , Green Tea extract and Omega 3 and all these extracts are specially beneficial for women helping them with their hormonal problems and general health .

It has a good taste , takes only five minutes   to prepare and is low in sugar. The manufacturers have also arranged for  free diet consultations which is a very consumer friendly approach .

To read more about the product you can reach them at their website OZiva website or speak to their nutritionist at 9769298556

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Some passing thought put on paper

 कुछ ख्याल यू  ही से

कोई पार नदी के  गाता
मनभाता मन को  लुभाता
मन हो जाता विरही
जब प्रणय बोल सुनाता


 खामोश लबो पे मुस्कराहट की है सौगात फिर भी 
आंसुओ से भरी  निगाहों को नहीं आता है यकीन आज अभी 
टूट ती साँसों को शकोशुबहा है इसलिए खुद पर इतना 
किसी का यूँ  तो हुआ कौन उम्र भर कभी कहीं

तेरे आंसुओ का मिलन  मेरे अश्को से
जैसे संगम हो प्रयाग  का
धुल गए सब शिकवे गिले
पावन  गंगा और यमुना  में

 लालिमा है छा सी गयी
क्षितिज पर देखो दूर कही
ये हो गया क्या प्रकृति को
मिलन देख तेरा मेरा


"है बहुत अंधियार अब सूरज निकलना चाहिए" 
विश्व के प्रागण में उजाला बिखरना चाहिए
घृणा और नफरत की आंधियो को रोकने के लिए
फिर से गाँधी को एक अवतार लेना चाहिए


बड़े  यत्न किये ,कई प्रयत्न किये
तेरी बाँहों में सिमटने के कई जतन किये
कभी लुभाया ,कभी बुलाया इठलाया इतराया भी कभी
पर मुस्कुरा के तूने झुटलाया सब कुछ
अब तो तेरी यादों को सहेजने के हो रहे है  बस   जतन प्रिये


होठ खामोश है
लबो ने चुप्पी ओढ़ी है                                                        
सन्नाटा सा है चारो ओर                                                                                     
क्यों खामोश है सब
क्या किसी शहीद की दुल्हन ने चूड़ी तोड़ी है ?
लिखना चाह रही थी मैं बहुत कुछ
लेकिन कलम ने साथ न दिया
 खामोश घरो ने
दहकते सरहदों की आवाज़ जो सुन ली है

विनती और प्रार्थना
प्यार में  है जगह इनकी न कोई
वो प्यार नहीं है जहां झुकी हो नजरे एक की
और इठला रहा हो दूजा कोई

ऋतू वर्षा की लौट गयी अब
सूर्य को नहीं ढक  रहे बादल
सूर्य किरन  के पड़ते ही अब
पुष्प निखार रहे है उपवन
सवेरा ,  पक्षियों की किल्लोल से।
भ्रमर करे गुंजित दोपहरिया।
संध्या रानी से मिलने को आतुर देखो चाँद मनचला
करे मिन्नते सूरज से वह लौटा दो तुम मेरी सजनिया।---
कई पाखो के बाद मिलन  है,                                         
विदा कर दो  लेने है आये                                                            
उसको उसके प्यारे  सजनवा।  ___---signifying the fact that dusk sets in early in winters \                                                              letting the moon meet night sooner than in summers

सावन में पड़ गए झूले
वर्षा की बूंदे रस बरसाए                                                        
राह  तकते है  तेरे  प्यासे नयन मेरे                                                  

झूले की पींगे  रुकी है तेरे इंतज़ार  में                                                  
अब तो आ जाओ की
मौसम ने इज़ाज़त दी है
बेरुखी तेरी न बदल दे     
बागो  को बियाबान में


Monday, 5 September 2016

Teacher's day

Its Teachers day today  and we are celebrating it all over the country .Every school has organised a function  and the government too felicitates teachers today .

  We too should say thankyou to our teachers who did contribute in shaping our personalities Though some of them did leave a sad impression on our minds .We have had good teachers and bad . While some of them were loved and respected some were dreaded .

The dreaded ones were of two kinds : one who were dreaded for their strictness and disciplinarian attitude but we knew that they meant good and  all their strictness was aimed at making us better persons.The other species of this kind was a  frustrated lot who had become teachers because they could not do any thing else.

Specially in the juniour classes  very few teachers had that love and kindness so important to deal with small kids .   In fact that species is more common these days  when the criteria of  becoming a teacher is a B ed . degree .  And not the love for teaching or loving kids . There is very little tolerance . Coloured Toys  and beautiful pictures on the walls are supposed to take the place of the human touch a  five year old requires when he/she is away from home .

       ANY WAY THATS THE WAY IT IS  AND THAT'S  the reason why children are being subjected to cruel punishments .

But I am happy to say that, I and many more of that bygone era were lucky to have had teachers who had actually made SCHOOL our second HOME .We learnt nearly everything in school home was just a place to do homework in , spend a few hours in the company of parents and relatives { for girls a lesson in the kitchen} .

OUR  curricullum used to be such that it was not limited to the three R' s only.  We had all activities which gave an all round development to ones personality.
Our teachers had that third eye which made them see our hidden talents I remember being dragged into the sports field to shine as a hockey player or being given that hard push which sent so many of us staggering   on the stage  and later  become good artists .
OH !!! The tears we shed to escape; but nothing doing  If they wanted us to participate we had to ,AND aren't we all thankfull .!!!!

AND YES  those punishments !!!! never to be forgotten .

" I will not talk in class " to be written 100 times and lunch break forgone.
Stand outside the class so that the whole school comes to know about it !!
And the worst used to be when they made us sit with boys {this was for the girls} and girls { this was for the boys} . Specially in juniour classes when both the species avoided each other like the plague.!!!
And of course standing on the bench etc toh chalta thha .

So that was school  . 
OUR HOME away from HOME.!!

And those were our teachers.
Who made it so.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Gandhi on Zee Classic on 13th and 15th August 2016

If ‘Gandhi’ was made in 2016…

With its proposition of 'WohZamaanaKareDeewana', Zee Classic is India's only Hindi movie channel that endeavors to recreate the magic of iconic classics and new age cinema by showcasing not just the films that shaped Indian cinema but also acquaint viewers with the creative talent who were a part of that timeless era. In order to mark the occasion of India’s 70th year of independence, Zee Classic premieres

One of the most iconic films of all times, Gandhi (1982) was produced and directed by Richard Attenborough and written by John Briley. Starring Ben Kingsley, RohiniHattangadi, Edward Fox, Roshan Seth, amongst others. The story is thatof an Indian lawyer who returned from racially segregated South Africa to drive the British out of his home country through successive acts of non-violent protest. The portrayal of how simplicity and the power collectivism can throw over a whole British empire bringing them to their knees.

As Zee Classic gears up to premiere ‘Gandhi', this Saturday, on 13th August at 8 PM in ‘India’s Finest Films’ and on Monday, 15th August at 9:30 AM, we wonder who would be a part of this classic if it was to be re-made in 2016!


1982 : Sir Richard Attenborough had the ability and talent to accommodate a person’s entire lifespan in a couple of hours. He did a phenomenal job right from the research to bringing alive the legacy of the father of our nation on big screen.

2016: AshutoshGowarikar known for his love for historical films and bringing lost eras to life with Lagaan, Jodha Akbar and Swadesh, is undoubtedly our choice to direct this film today.

Mahatma Gandhi

1982: Ben Kingsley played the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the movie.

2016: Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is the man for the job. Known for his chameleon skills to adapt to various roles and characters combined with his attention to detail, Aamir Khan should play the role of our beloved Baapu.

Kasturba Gandhi

1982: RohiniHoattangadi, beautifully portrayed Kasturba Gandhi, wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. 

2016:Kajol, one of India’s most acclaimed actresses can easily pull off the role of Baa.

General Dyer

1982: Edward Fox is etched in our minds as the dreadful and shrewd General Dyer who was hated by all for his infamous JallianwalaBagh massacre.

2016: Tom Alter with his international looks and versatile talent can be General Dyer in ‘Gandhi’.

Jawahar Lal Nehru

1982: Roshan Seth played the role of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to perfection.

2016: The Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan wins hands down with his charming royal looks.

Sardar Patel

1982:Saeed Jaffery pulled off the role of The Iron Man of India, Sardar Patel flawlessly.            

2016: PareshRawal’s known for his diverse character roles makes him our choice to play the part.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah

1982:AlyquePadamsee brought to life an important historic figure, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, popularly known as the father of Pakistan in history

2016: Irrfan Khan, a global Indian will surely cut ice in this role.

Lord Mountbatten

1982: Peter Harlowe played the part with the sternness of a bureaucrat and an attitude on his face.

2016:The suave, Rajat Kapoor has our vote to play the last viceroy of the British Indian Empire.

Whether it was 1982 or 2016, the story of the man who brought India independence needs to be told and needs to be heard!

Tune-in to Zee Classic to watch Richard Attenborough directed ‘Gandhi’ on this Saturday, 13th August at 8 PM and Monday, 15th August at 9:30 AM


Given above is the detailed press release of Zee Classic which is going to air "Gandhi" the  masterpiece by Sir Richard Attenborough on 13th and 15th August 2016 . 

"Gandhi "  was is and has been an iconic character a symbol of strength , grit determination and will power a person who forced a foreign power to leave our country and give us our independence that too without any bloodshed . 

As mentioned , and discussed in the release suppose the same movie  was made today then which actor would play which role and I think the options put forth by the ZEE people is very befitting . All the actors mentioned are capable of  doing full justice to the respective roles given to them . 

But I would suggest some some more alternatives if the desired ones would be unavailable 
Gandhi---Anupam Kher , Annu Kapoor 

Kasturba ----Dipika Padukone , Supriya Pathak 
Nehru------Saurabh Dubey , Dalip Tahil 

The director of course will have to be Ashutosh Gowariker because he understands History like no one else . 

Whatever the scene with Gandhi made in 2016 and whenever its release ---the Gandhi made in 1982 is th best we have , the best by all standards , excellent direction excellent portrayal of their respective roles by all the actors ---why else would the film be the winner of eight Academy Awards ( Oscars) . 

This movie has the capacity to haunt you for days one forgets the real persons and how they looked
in fact to me Ben Kingsley is Gandhi ji  Nehru ji looks like Roshan Seth  and Sardar Patel like Sayeed Jaffrey while Jinnah is Alyque Padamsee --so natural was their acting and so strong the direction . 

I am waiting eagerly for the 13th and 15th of August to watch this movie on both the days as I have seen it at least 6 times before never tiring always eager and attentive . 

I must thank ZEE Classic for deciding to show this movie because it is a must for every generation and every person specially every Indian to see it as many times as possible and refresh ones memory regarding the great man ,  his greatness , his friends his followers his critics and the conditions prevalent during his times Because it is a very good depiction of the times and circumstances and the visual media  is a very important and powerful medium of expression and impression . 

This movie is capable of igniting the feeling of patriotism in every Indian young or old . th link to this post

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Hiroshima remembered

Today 6th August we commemorate the unfortunate incident of the Bombings on the Japanese city of Hiroshima

An Acrostic poem using the letters H.I.R.O.S.H.I.M.A.

Henoious act
Inhuman act
'Rain of ruin' you called it that
O cruel man  !
Should you ?
Have threatened thus ?
Innocent were souls
Maimed were so many
After seventy  years aggrieved they remain still

Friday, 5 August 2016

Suicides the don'ts and the reasons for the don'ts

Just finished reading the book " the story of a suicide " by Sriram Ayer . It is a gripping book which deals with the problems faced  by youngsters today and the ways and means of overcoming them . How these characters are driven towards depression , frustration and loneliness . But then yes these very three words are the reasons which lead to feeling of dejection culminating in a desire to run away from all this and finally to end ones life in order to escape .I have said that the book is gripping I used the word gripping because the problems shown and showcased are so rampant in society' today"  ,  nearly every youth girl or boy is facing them the reasons may be many; more exposure , more opportunities , more interaction some time all the three but all in the negative sense . The roles played by social media , some immature minds the hazards they create . These are all some factors which were not so prominent a few decades ago . Society was controlled by certain rules and norms but these have all been thrown to the winds specially due to  foreign influence--and the Indian youth is not yet capable enough to handle such situations . Dirty minds are busy misusing latest technical facilities the various apps and inventions of technical advancements are not a boon but a bane .  All these points have been dealt with in the novel .

  Thankfully the author has tried to show the ways by which we can overcome these depressing states . And how to be brave . 

The episodes I found to be very common are the ones in which the boy is sexually exploited by a relative , and the one in which a boyfriend just does not care or respect his girlfriend .  Though the other cases like being a homosexual etc too may be important reasons for frustrations but these two  reasons are more rampant in society. And they are also being practiced from or should I say in vogue from time immemorial they are nothing new we have had cases of sexual abuse and humiliation from ages a lot of humiliating things happen inside families the joint family which is ranted upon to be a  means of providing social security has nearly always been a source of many an evil goings on and no one ready to believe the victim be it a girl or boy . 

As far as I think committing a suicide is never the answer for any problem because when you commit suicide you are not only killing yourself   (which may well be  the perfect solution to ending your miseries)   but you are killing all those people together with you who Love you , who have hopes with you , who have loved you , and doted on you. No depressing thought can be so dangerous so as to make you ditch your loved ones.  Go and see the state which people are led to when they lose  a loved one how heart broken they become , how frustrated ; sometimes they are even led to becoming insane , at times they start blaming themselves for the death of their dear one ---and when the case is of suicide the people are  shattered.

So I end here with the request and message to anyone who is disturbed that have faith in yourself and always think about them who are your near and dear ones --how tragic your loss will be to them and how you will miss their affection in that other world you will be gone to. Suicides are no solutions if you think you can be selfish and punish them who  for some reason may have angered you by going away from them  -- then you are wrong because once you  ditch  them you will never be able to feel their love or even their nearness ever again however much you may repent .  
The solutions or tips people in a depressed state of mind receive is , meet people , talk to some one , confide in friends etc   but I would personally advise people to keep themselves  busy pull yourself up , try to become active don't just keep brooding try and pull yourself up , push yourself towards activity I know its difficult but one has to try because if gone you will miss all the lovely things in life , the ice cream the movie , the fast food , the lovely songs , you will miss your chance of getting into a fresh relationship , of playing in the rain in short you will miss everything that the earth and the life here  has to offer .

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